The definitive guide to living and dying
in BC

This Extensively Researched Resource is a Must Have.
Everything You Need to Know All in One Place

Take control of your health care issues.
Take care of your surviving loved ones.

This book gives you the answers for many of the questions we all need to know about.

  • How do we make our health care decisions legally binding?
  • How can we save thousands of dollars in legal fees?
  • Why do we need an Enduring Power of Attorney?
  • What do I include in my will?
  • How can my spouse avoid probate costs?
  • And many many more.....

Easy to Read !
Tough Issues Handled with a Touch of Humor

by L. E. Wright

What People Say

"You have someone you love that has died or is dying. Or, maybe it is you that is dying. What you need at this time is clear, unambiguous advice.
In “On My Way To The Funeral Parlor - A Guide to Living and Dying in BC” Ms Wright has
met that need superbly well.
Concise and clearly laid out is all the information you will require.
At a time of great stress, this little book will lift a great weight off your
shoulders. "
~ W. M. Davies


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